The road to get here... is finally live! 

So here it is! Finally I've put in a little time and effort to update Along with the new-look site I will be starting a blog to share some more images as well as sharing a little more substance from my photography journey.

So why start a blog?

Let's be honest, I had hoped to have a blog up and running for well over a year now... It was just one of those things I never made time to follow through with.

The main reasons I have wanted to write my own blog

  • Share some of my favourite images in a different format
  • Share some travel stories and favourite locations to shoot
  • On a deeper level share some more personal thoughts and continue to put an emphasis on reading more books
  • And hopefully share a few how-to's and tips on how I create my images

Yes to hopefully help others, but also for personal reasons. Much like a journal to document thoughts, a way to note down these reflections and keep track of my photography journey. I am lucky enough to go on so many amazing adventures, meet so many wonderful people and often end up with hundreds of photos that go unseen. I will be using my blog to share some of those images and highlight some of the fun adventures and experiences I get to experience through photography. 

A little bit about me and why I love photography

For me like a lot of people my first experience with photography was through travel. It was merely a way to share an experience and the beauty of places I'd visited. This is something I still love doing, whether it's somewhere local or somewhere on the other side of the world.

A shot taken on my very first DSLR (which was very rarely ever used), a Canon 1000D - Taken in 2014.   Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

A shot taken on my very first DSLR (which was very rarely ever used), a Canon 1000D - Taken in 2014.

Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

It is now well over 2 years ago when I got into photography seriously. I began shooting with a Canon 1000D, I didn't particularly know what I wanted to take photos of or what stye I liked but I just liked taking photos. I started posting some of my old travel photos on Instagram as it seemed like an easy platform to use for sharing photos. Next thing I was going along to a few Instameet's and meeting new people who shared a similar interest. This is easily the most rewarding thing I've obtained through photography, the friendships. For me in this initial period photography was a new direction for me, I had no real hobbies or interests and I was becoming generally bored and unfulfilled with my daily life. I really needed something and photography gave that to me. I loved how photography captured a single moment in time but then you could make it your own, put your own twist on it. I guess this is why I also love the editing process so much.

As a great over-thinker, the power to put all your energy into one single moment or a single image is a powerful thing for me. Focusing not on the past, not the future, just the present. I guess in a way it became my form of mindfulness for a while.

An adventure to Laurel Hill in 2015 - I look back on this experience as one of the most memorable along my photography journey. Photo taken on my next DSRL - Canon 6D   Location: Laurel Hill, NSW.

An adventure to Laurel Hill in 2015 - I look back on this experience as one of the most memorable along my photography journey. Photo taken on my next DSRL - Canon 6D

Location: Laurel Hill, NSW.

I still remember the very first overnight road-trip I took with friends. A small group of friends who had probably only met a handful of times piling into a small car together for a 5 hour road-trip. This adventure to Laurel Hill is one I still remember so clearly. We made very little plans prior to getting in the car that day. All we had basically decided was that we would leave from Sydney late afternoon and that we were going to Laurel Hill for sunrise to take photos. We had not put any thought in to where we might stay until we began our drive, ringing a few Motels from the car as we began our journey. By the time we finally arrived I think it was close to 10pm. The feeling was quite special when we arrived - looking up at the sky I had never seen the stars so clearly. I had never seen the Milky Way in all it's glory like this before.

It was a very powerful moment for me. It's hard to sum up that feeling, at the time someone very close to me shared this quote. I believe it sums it up pretty well.

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.
— ~ Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

We stayed up for hours trying to capture the milky way and create some fun photos while doing so. It was a wonderful experience. Looking back I wish I felt this excitement every time I picked up my camera, something I can definitely take a valuable lesson from when reflecting on this moment. We then headed back to our hotel to catch a few hours sleep, by this time I think it was close to 2am.

The next day we woke up extra early before sunrise to make our way to Laurel Hill for first light, with a total of maybe 2 hours sleep. Again we arrived to Laurel Hill with so much excitement. It was like something we had never experienced. We spent hours there, playing with props, coming up with whacky ideas for photos. When looking back some of those concepts and photos were pretty stupid to be honest (LOL) - but boy did we have fun. A valuable lesson to why I got into photography in the first place - a reminder to place less pressure on just trying to create something amazing and focus more on enjoying the experience - the photos will come. I think this goes for most things in our lives.


Final thoughts

Today photography means a lot more to me, which is probably why I generate this extra pressure and desire to create something special. Both a good and a bad thing. There is definitely a drive to create and capture the very best pictures I am capable of and a desire to share that with others. But now I search for extra meaning... finding a way this can serve a higher purpose, greater than just myself. Something I hope to gain from my ongoing photo-journey in the future. 

Anyway that sums up briefly a few things that got me into photography and why I love it so much.

If you have made it this far, I thank you for reading and I hope you too can take something from it. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I look forward to sharing more with you! 

Peace out,



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