3 Days in Tokyo - A Visual Diary

A visual diary from the streets of Tokyo - By Tim Northey

Only 3 full days in one of the busiest, most vibrant cities in the world - barely seems like enough? When people ask me how long my stay in Tokyo was they often appear a bit shocked at my response. But hey... 3 days is a lot better than 0 days. I would have loved to stay a lot longer but it really is amazing how much you can see and experience in such a short space of time. One thing's for sure, it only left me wanting more!

There's just something I've come to love about East Asian culture. Whether it’s the food, the people, the deep tradition or just that strange sense of ease I felt walking through the streets of a city like Tokyo. I genuinely can’t wait to immerse myself further in this beautiful country and explore further outside Tokyo real soon in February. But for now I hope you enjoy some of the images I took while wandering the streets of Tokyo with good friends Pat Kay and Gareth Haymen in April 2017. Shout out to both of these guys for helping make it such a memorable experience.



Day 1



Day 2

day 3-3.jpg
day 2-8.jpg


Day 3

dAY 3-5.jpg

Thank you and MUCH love, TK.

Japan see you again REAL soon.... To be cont Feb//2018